Buying Guidelines

You may reserve your tickets by sending us an email ,an SMS, a tweet or by filling out the reservation form. Our contact details can be found here.

Please give the following details when making your reservations:
Mobile No./Email:
Mode of Payment:
Mode of Delivery:

We shall confirm via SMS or email as soon as we receive your query.
A non-refundable reservation fee of 10% of the total ticket amount shall be paid (via deposit) within the next twenty-four (24) hours after the confirmation was made.  We will hold your ticket reservations for three (3) calendar days. The remaining balance must be paid within the prescribed period, otherwise your reservation will be forfeited, and the seats will be open again for reservation.

Payments may be made through bank deposit or GCash. We also accept COD.
BDO Account Name: Vian Paulo V Serranilla
BDO Account Number : 007220015388
BDO Account Type : Savings
GCash Account Name: Denise Go
GCash Account # : +639276188886
*For GCash: Ticket buyer shall shoulder the 1% processing fee (of the total ticket amount) 

We highly encourage you to inform us via SMS or email when you have made your payment. We will immediately send an acknowledgement receipt to confirm your payment.

You may claim your tickets via the following:
1. On the play date (at the FOH) – to be claimed 2 hours before the start of the show
2. Courier (via XEND) – shipping fee shall be shouldered by the ticket buyer
3. Office – details will be sent to the ticket buyer


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